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Seal of the Living God Crucifix Necklace

Price $24.53 excl. VAT

The Neck Cross with the Seal of the Living God is made of oak, handcrafted with the highest quality materials. 
It is 8 cm long and 4.5 cm wide 
It has a high-strength rope with a total length of 70 cm
Neck Cross with the Seal of the Living God is packaged in a specially designed packaging, that allows it to be delivered safely to your address.

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"O Heavenly Host fill my body with the nourishment it needs. Fill my soul with the Divine Presence of Jesus Christ. Give me the graces to fulfil the Holy Will of God. Fill me with the peace and calm which comes from Your Holy Presence. Never let me doubt Your Presence. Help me to accept You in Body and Soul and that, by the Holy Eucharist, the Graces bestowed upon me will help me to proclaim the Glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Purify my heart. Open my soul and sanctify me when I receive the great Gift of the Holy Eucharist. Grant me the graces and the favours it bestows upon all God’s children and grant me immunity from the fires of Purgatory. Amen".
Crusade Prayer (81) For the Gift of the Holy Communion