History of Scapulars ( 

The scapular may have emerged from an apron-like piece of cloth worn by monks. Item 55 of the Rule of Saint Benedict, dating to the 7th century refers to the use of the scapular.
In the Western Church the key elements of a monk's habit eventually became the tunic, the cincture, the scapular and the hood. A nun's costume included the tunic, the scapular and the head veil.

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My First Scapular

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This scapular has been especially sized to fit children and teens

Material: Felt/Cloth/Metal

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Crucifix Bookmark

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Crucifix bookmarks are finely crafted in Zinc Alloy. 

Perfect to save your page.

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Brown Wool Scapular

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The scapular is a time-honored and powerful devotion that asks its wearers to live out the faith they profess. If we wear it out of genuine love for Christ and a deep desire to be with Him in eternity, we can hope, in faith, that our all of our expectations will be fulfilled.

This brown scapular comes with wool embroidered panels and durable nylon cords.

Material: Embroidered Wool
Size: 7/8 x 1-3/8" H, 18-1/2" L
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