The Green Scapular Single Badge with Booklet is one of the most helpful religious gifts you can give those who have lost their faith in the Lord
The Green Scapular was given to a novice named Sister Justine from the Sisters of Charity, a religious order by the Rue du Bac in Paris, by the Blessed Virgin Mary.
The Blessed Mother appeared before Sister Justine, holding her heart surrounded by flames, and a small green cloth with religious pictures on both sides. The Green Scapular, according to the Blessed Virgin, is an assurance that those who turn from the Lord are always welcomed back to their faith and can ask forgiveness through her intercession.

With the help of the Green Scapular, those who have been separated from the Holy Catholic Church can receive the promise of eternal salvation.

This item from also includes a booklet of Catholic prayers and a description of the religious item.

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