The Book of Truth Volume Four - English Edition
 Do you believe that the second coming of Christ will take place in your lifetime? According to this book this generation will witness the second coming of Christ.
Among the revelations in this book, which the author, an anonymous prophet, says were dictated to her by Jesus Christ are:

  • To demand the rights of Christians will be tantamount to breaking the law
  • Every single sacrament will be changed beyond recognition
  • A new bitter world war will be declared
  • The Anti-Christ, upon his announcement, will declare that he is a devout Christian
  • Holy Missals, the Bible, Holy Vestments and Crosses will be replaced
  • The greatest persecution will be inflicted by Christians upon Christians
  • The new Babylon, all will be told, is to glorify the great one, to promote the environment and to embrace mother earth
  • Earthquakes will be of such magnitude that they will be felt across multiple countries, at the same time

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